Classification of Therapy

Reflexology is and combination of art and science wherein art because how skillfully the therapists apply his knowledge and science because it is based on the neurological and physiological study. It is gentle art and fascinating ancient science and an effective foot massage where it has adopted its position as a complementary medicine, resulting in reduce stress and tension, improve blood circulation, promote the unblocking of nerve impulses and achieve the equilibrium.

Acute Point Positioning

 Acute point positioning in foot Jain Reflexology as per more than twenty thousand patients researchable data.

Perfect Diagnosis


Reflexologist are now able to perfect diagnosis with Jain Reflexology Therapy.

Using Micro Magnet

Micro Magnets (Byol & Chakra) are used on reflex point for effective & fast result.

Preventive Ailments 

Fast Relief


No Side Effect

Inexpensive and Eco – Friendly


What is Reflexology acupressure?

The Reflexology acupressure therapy is more effective than any other non medicine user therapy. In this therapy the pressure is given in hand, foot and ear reflex / correspondence points with the help of wooden stick (jimmy).

What is Jain Reflexology?

 The highly effective and beneficial Jain Reflexology evolved by us after extensive research and development and is the advanced version of Reflexology Acupressure therapy.

Why Jain Reflexology is best?

We have the following tests through which we can find out the best mode of treatment for staying fit and fine.

  • That therapy must help in checking the spread of the ailment.
  • It should be able to make an early and correct diagnosis.
  • It should be effective enough to cure the disease early.
  • There should be no side effects.
  • The therapy should be inexpensive.

If there is one therapy which stands all the tests listed above, it is decidedly Jain Reflexology. 

Reflexology and Acupressure History

Acupressure therapy is very old. India is a country where various types of ornaments are worn on the body and they are viewed as a symbol of good luck. Wearing these ornaments is, in fact, a part of traditions, customs and culture. Anklets are put on feet while bangles are worn in hands. Similarly, bindiya (a small dot)adorns forehead. Various types of jewellery are worn on the body. Why? What has been the reason behind this? It is not a blind belief. It is science. Acupressure lies in the genesis of various things like wearing bracelets in hands, anklets on feet, necklace on neck, earrings in ears, putting black threads around the necks of small children, grinding cereals at home, washing clothes, etc. to name just a few. Reflex points of various organs of our body keep getting automatically pressed through Padmasan, Ardhapadmasan, Sukhasan,Vajrasan, etc. and daily chores that help us to stay healthy.
Head is pressed when it aches. Legs are pressed when they ache. Similarly, stomach is pressed when it aches and we get relief from all sorts of discomforts by pressure, but do not know acupressure.

Though then a me acupressure is Latin and English, it is wholly Indian. Acupressure has not only been a therapy, but it has also been a vital component of our life style. This mode of treatment was in vogue in India even 6000 years back, the reference to which is found in ancient scriptures (Granthas). Gradually this mode of treatment almost vanished from India. Even its name and method of treatment ceased to exist in its pure forms.

In ancient times, India was acknowledged as a prominent centre of knowledge, science and learning, where people from foreign countries used to come in their quest for acquiring knowledge. It was through this that the knowledge of acupressure reached various parts of the world. Impressed by its curative power, the Chinese physicists adopted and used it extensively. They are credited with popularizing it and this is why today this mode of treatment is referred to as’ Chinese Therapy’. In Japan this style emerged and became popular as ‘Chattiest got full recognition and its training centres also came up. In other countries too, it is fast gaining tremendous popularity.

In the modern age, Dr. William H. Fitzgerald and Dr. Eunice Ingham have made significant contribution to the development of this way of treatment called Reflexology.

Acupressure Technique and the way it operates the technique of getting relief from ailments by exerting pressure on various reflex points in the body is called Jain Reflexology.

According to the technique of Jain Reflexology, the disruption in the circulation of blood in any organ of the body or that in the nervous system or accumulation of waste matter or crystal in the opposite ends of the organs relating to the nerve system of palms or soles is the causative factor for ailments in the body. To remove this waste matter or crystals, pressure is exerted on pressure points of palms and soles according to the requirement of treatment. As this waste matter or crystals are removed, the ailment also gets cured. Nervous system as well as blood circulatory system starts operating normally and we become vibrant again thanks to the technique of acupressure applied on the body.

Our body operates by the power of life i.e. electricity in the form of conscience. We believe it to be bio-electricity. Electricity keeps flowing through all the fingers of hands and toes of feet as also through the middle of the head. There are 14 lines of this electricity flow of consciousness which are called meridians. The reflex points of this bio-electricity flowing through the body are there in both the hands and feet. Balance is struck in the flow of consciousness by pressing the reflex points. There are 7200 end points of muscles in the palm of hands and soles of legs. The position of various reflex points and how they are related to various organs and glands of the body has been depicted through various pictures in this book.

The division of body into ten parts under this mode of treatment is called ‘Zonology’. Getting relief from the ailment by pressing prescribed zone in the body is what is known as ‘Zone Therapy’. When treatment is given through detection of ailment from the palms of hands, then it is called ‘Hand Jain Reflexology’. Similarly, when treatment is done thorough detection cum identification of ailment from the soles of feet, then it is referred to as ‘Foot Jain Reflexology’.

Ailments afflicting the body cannot only be identified but also be cured by pressing reflex points in the feet. You must have been surprised by reading this, but itis a fact. Just as today a particular mechanism operates in various types of machines which cause them to stop automatically when they get overheated or when two wires in a machine get accidentally connected and the machine restarts operating smoothly after the ‘reset’ button is pressed. The machine suffers no damage in the whole process. There is no wonder if the same mechanism is therein the body.

At times various organs of the body do not function properly due to faulty habits of eating or defective life style. However, they start functioning smoothly again when the reflex points of those organs of the body are pressed.

Water flows from the tap if we press the mouth of the tap and then release the pressure. What happens then is that the water comes out with great force and the filth lying in its way is washed away by the sheer force of flowing water. Similarly the blood circulates in our body through arteries, veins and capillaries. Diseases take roots in our body when some unwanted materials start accumulating in these pipes. When we press the reflex points and release the pressure, the circulation of blood in the related organs speeds up and the unwanted matter accumulated there gets removed.

Treatment through Jain Reflexology

The physician decides about the pressure to be exerted on reflex points of body for a particular period of time on palms or soles of feet prescribed under the treatment. This pressure rejuvenates the body by regulating the circulation oft he blood and causing bio-electricity to flow in the body. Particular attention is paid on the type, quantum and nature of pressure. Therapy is applied on the exact point and reflex points where there is pain instead of giving much importance to the ailment or the organ.

Jain Reflexology does the vitally important job of affording serenity to the deepest layers of the human body, mind and conscience. The main objective of Jain Reflexology is to check the disease, to eradicate it and to prevent its resurfacing. It is a must for us to have knowledge of our body if we wish to stay fit through Jain Reflexology. Keeping this in view, brief description is being given about human body in the following chapters.

Features of Jain Reflexology 

  • Energetic and tension-free.

  • Reducing monthly expenses incurred by family on medicines.

  • Painless and safe.

  • Easy to learn.

  • Helpful in all types of ailments.

  • A completely natural and non-violent remedy

  • Self-treatment.

  • Early diagnosis and cure of disease afflicting the body.

  • Free from all types of harmful side effects.

  • Rejuvenates the body by creating vitality and vigour.

  • Facilitates the spread of essential elements in the body and makes the muscles supple.

  • Helps in boosting immunity against diseases.

  • Controls the juice secreted by endocrine glands.

  • Instant remedy for ailments cropping up suddenly.

  • Equally beneficial for children, youth, women and men.

 Essentials of Jain Reflexology 

  • Give treatment in peaceful and suitable atmosphere.

  • The feet oft he patient must be clean.

  • Don’t stop the patient if he is already receiving any other treatment.

  • The person providing treatment must keep his/her nails trimmed.

  • Keep 1-hour gap between meal and treatment.

  • Apply Jain Reflexology therapy in 8-hour gap during the day.

  • Apply Jain Reflexology therapy keeping in view the mental and physical condition oft he patient.

  • Treat the patient only after easing his tension.

  • Don’t provide treatment to others if you are yourself sick.

  • Don’t deride the patient.

  • Pressure can be applied for 3 to 60 seconds on reflex points.

  • Don’t hesitate while giving treatment.

  • Treat the ailment with full concentration. Don’t let your attention to be diverted by anything.

  • Give treatment with a relaxed and cheerful mind. Apply pressure on main pressure points also along side related pressure points.

  • First treat the ailments which are more troublesome followed by other ailments.

  • Sometimes the disease may even compound as the treatment is given. But there is no need to panic as the acupressure therapy accumulates the ailment before eradicating it.

  • Have faith in God while giving treatment.

  • Take precautions in food.