4G Super Magnet

4G Super magnet – This is a powerful and effective magnetic equipment useful for all body disorders and also to protect from many ailments. 

Acidity & digestion, Blood pressure, Hormonal imbalances, Skin Diseases, Kidney & urinary problems, Arthritis, Body pain & etc.

Three  methods are generally accepted for 4G Super magnet.

Method No. 1 – North Pole (Blue- Negative) under the right palm and South pole (Red – Positive) under the left palm. Useful for all disease upper side of the navel (Liver, Indigestion, flatulence, Frozen Shoulder, Fever, Diabetes, Constipation, Cervical, High and low blood pressure, Asthma, Angina etc.).

Method No. 2 – North Pole (Blue- Negative) under the right sole and South pole (Red – Positive) under the left sole. Useful for all disease below the navel (Leg, Knee, Thigh, Sciatica, Urinary disorders, Male & Female Sexual Problem, Piles, Prostate Glands, Varicose veins etc.).

  • Accurate Pole      

  • Magnetic Field 150 x 100 x 25  

  • High Grade Magnet 

  • No Side Effect

  • Instant Result

  • Preparation Magnetic Water

  • No Recurring Expenditure

  • Save Time

    • For best result refer user manual.

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Additional information

Weight 4.800 kg
Dimensions 250 × 105 × 170 cm


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