• Byol & Chakra Magnet


    For fast result through Jain Reflexology using Micro  Byol and Chakra Magnets.

    10 Pcs. Byol magnet and 4 Pcs. Chakra Magnet

    First, Check all the reflex points located on foot. Check those points that have lot of pain and mark that point/s with marking pen. After that, use the micro magnet on that point by fixing it with surgical tape. keep the micro magnet/s fix 10 to 20 minutes.

    Chakra magnet is used on the starred mark reflex points in Jain Reflexology foot and hand chart. It represent our endocrine glands.

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    4G spectacles (Magnetic)

    $9.00 $8.00

    4G spectacle

    4G Spectacle Magnet – are useful for all types of ailments like cataract in premature stage, weak eye sights, reddishness in eyes, itching, cross- eye, old age sight and slowly remove the glasses.  4G Spectacle Magnet should be used regularly for 10 minutes twice a day for better result.
    Ideal after using computer & TV and after studying for long hours during exams.


    For best result, refer user manual.

    Useful in treatment in –  eye related problems. Close your eyes and  using the 4G Magnetic spectacle 3 to 5 minutes twice a day.

  • 4G Low Power Magnet (Pair)


    4G Low Power Magnet

    This magnet is used on to neck and above neck region.  For best result, refer user manual.

    Useful in treatment in –

    • Throat Diseases – for irritation, cough and tonsillitis. on throat.

    • Tooth Diseases – pyorrhea, Gum problem and toothache on teeth.

    • Ear Diseases – Earache, hearing loss, ear infection on ear.

    • Nose Diseases – cold, sneezing, watering, blockage, sinusitis etc on Nose.

    • Head Diseases – Headache, migraine, Insomnia etc. on head.

      apply the 4G Low Power Magnet on both sides of the affected area North Pole (Blue- Negative) right side and South pole (Red – Positive) left side 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.

  • 4G Super Magnet


    4G Super Magnet

    4G Super magnet – This is a powerful and effective magnetic equipment useful for all body disorders and also to protect from many ailments. 

    Acidity & digestion, Blood pressure, Hormonal imbalances, Skin Diseases, Kidney & urinary problems, Arthritis, Body pain & etc.

    Three  methods are generally accepted for 4G Super magnet.

    Method No. 1 – North Pole (Blue- Negative) under the right palm and South pole (Red – Positive) under the left palm. Useful for all disease upper side of the navel (Liver, Indigestion, flatulence, Frozen Shoulder, Fever, Diabetes, Constipation, Cervical, High and low blood pressure, Asthma, Angina etc.).

    Method No. 2 – North Pole (Blue- Negative) under the right sole and South pole (Red – Positive) under the left sole. Useful for all disease below the navel (Leg, Knee, Thigh, Sciatica, Urinary disorders, Male & Female Sexual Problem, Piles, Prostate Glands, Varicose veins etc.).

    • Accurate Pole      

    • Magnetic Field 150 x 100 x 25  

    • High Grade Magnet 

    • No Side Effect

    • Instant Result

    • Preparation Magnetic Water

    • No Recurring Expenditure

    • Save Time

      • For best result refer user manual.