Jain Reflexology Treatment

Specialization of Jain Reflexology Acupressure-

Perfect Diagnosis & Fastest result 

with Below benefits

Recover from daily demanding work stress

Improve your immune system

Improve night time sleep

Stimulate body circulation

Improve cardio-vascular system

Improve paralysis

Improve arthritis

Balance weight control and improve diet

Improve foot and hand numbness

Improve diabetes

Heal internal ailments

Lower high blood pressure

Detoxify and purify your system

Experience a greater sense of wellbeing

For Jain Reflexology Acupressure Treatment 

Contact on WhatsApp No . 91- 9325616269 / 91 9595616269

 City – Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.


For one Hours session –   50$ (US$)  (Free One Session)

For one Hours session Perfect Diagnosis (With Relaxing) –   500 INR

For Seven Eight Package (First Day Diagnosis + 7 sitting treatment )  – 3100/-


Our students –  Charges in Aurangabad  – First day – 200/-   and After per day 100/-  

Six centers and Home service also available for Aurangabad City. 






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