2nd National Conference and Award Presentation Ceremony – Highlights 

World Reflexology Week – 25th September 2016 at J. K. Banquet Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mega Event of Free Treatment 

Reflexology Acupressure Therapists are requested to serve through free treatment daily for two hours at your centre and Be a part of Mega Event of Human Being Serve Occasion during the World Reflexology Week – From 19th to 25th September, 2016.


Supported by Various institute in India.

Acupressure Training and Research Centre, Aurangabad, Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata, National Institute of acupressure research, training and treatment(NIARTT), Acupressure Research Training and Treatment Institute, Jodhpur, Nature Care Therapist Association, Aurangabad, International Naturopathy Organization, New Delhi, Scientific Institute of Alternative Medicines and Paramedical Sci. Council, New Delhi, Nature Care Therapist Association, Aurangabad, Vishva Chaitanay Acupressure foundation and research Center

2nd National Conference